Chapter 21 Part 3

Shutting the door of my spare bedroom slowly after getting Rohan to sleep which was like a battle with him I checked on Chanise in my bedroom, I knocked on the door lightly “come in” she said, I opened the door poking my head through “you okay?” she nodded smiling “dad you can sleep here you know and I will sleep on the couch” I waved her off “no you can sleep here, sorry the twins have to be here though. Hopefully they will just sleep and not wake up” walking into my walk in closet “so mom wanted to stay at the house?” Chanise asked “uh yeah, she’s upset so I left her there” picking out some basketball shorts and a tee “oh right, will she be here in the morning?” walking into the room shrugging “not sure Chanise, she knows where I live so whatever I guess” walking over to the bed “you sleeping now?” Chanise got in the covers “yeah dad, I’m tired now” she got comfortable so I leaned over kissing her forehead “night then” she pulled a face “I feel like a baby” I chuckled walking out “you are my baby though” I said while slowly closing the door.

Lying on the couch while watching cartoon network with my big blanket and my dog, it felt good to have my kids here but I wish I bought a bigger apartment but I didn’t think I would be even living here in the first place. I was slowly drifting off to sleep till I heard a loud shriek and a child crying “what the fuck, you have got to be kidding me” I quickly got up throwing my blanket off, the cries didn’t even come from my bedroom but the spare bedroom. I quickly opened the door seeing Rohan sat up on the bed crying his eyes out and Marley trying to calm him down, Rohan saw me and got his arms out for me “daddy!” he screamed out, I walked over to him “what’s wrong son” picking him up he wrapped his arms tightly around my neck “sorry” I said to Marley walking out with Rohan, he will not be impressed to be woken up.

Sitting down on the couch with Rohan sobbing, I felt his forehead with my hand “what’s wrong baby?” I can tell he woke up in a cold sweat “you had a bad dream?” he nodded with his eyes all teary “come here, let’s wipe your nose” picking him up taking him to the kitchen, he was calming down a little luckily. Walking back over to the couch “you want to sleep on the couch with me” he nodded putting his thumb in his mouth “since when did you do that huh?” he didn’t answer me at all, who said having kids were fun I mean making them yes but a nigga has never been so stressed out.

Once me and Rohan got comfortable on the couch he lifted his head up “toons” he pointed at the TV “yeah it’s my favourite show little man” he was cheesing looking up at the screen “hey” I said rubbing his head “you gonna tell me what upset you? Why you cry?” he never does that or even sucks his thumb so this is different for him, he turned his head pouting “I get scared” I find it so cute the way he talks “scared about what? Nothing is scary here” he rubbed his right eye but I moved his arm down “he come hit me again I get scared and I run a lot” that motherfucker Adrian “son, you don’t have to be scared he will never touch you again I promise, daddy will always protect ok?” hugging him close, I’m mad as fuck my son is having bad dreams about him, I really want to kill him now “he not hurt me no more?” he looked up at me in the cutest way ever “has he hit you before?” he shook his head “okay, I promise he won’t hurt you son” kissing his cheek “now go to sleep don’t worry about nothing else” I couldn’t even protect my kids and I left them there, how stupid could I be.

The vibrations from my phone woke me up, getting my phone from under the pillow “hello?” not bothering to look at the call ID “cinnamon apple” Warren’ voice came through the phone “ughhhh shut up” I groaned out with my eyes still shut “what time is it?” I asked because it seems too damn early “it’s about nine thirty I think” I know this nigga did not wake me up this early “why are you even awake?” I turned around in the bed to lay on my back “I wanted to ask if you want to come out?” I paused thinking “look Warren I can’t, not today” he went silent on the phone “you rejecting me?” oh shit he sounds serious “I’m at my dad’ apartment and I need to help him, my family comes first and I need to help him with my siblings” he wasn’t even saying anything “I did mention to you how my family is having issues” I sighed rubbing my eyes “so you have to be stuck at home because of that?” I pulled a face luckily he can’t see “miss me with that because I enjoy being with my dad, we probably doing something anyways” I could tell how annoyed he was with his tone “take my brother out or something he needs someone to hang with, call him” one of the twins started crying, just great “oh yeah text me his number then” he seemed ok with that, luckily “sorry for getting annoyed I just wanted to take you out but it’s like you always somewhere or doing something, it sucks” I felt bad now “listen I promise we will chill, I just need to be here” I hope he understands “ok cool, I understand text me later aight?” I smiled a little “ok bye” disconnecting the call.

Warren is really different because he’s never had a real family at all; Uncle Ty is the only place he could really call home which he told me. I feel bad for him that he didn’t really get to have a family even if mine is dysfunctional we can be normal, sometimes. Walking over to the crib “ssshhhh I’ll be back” I said looking over and seeing Cayden awake, I needed to pee and find something to wear. Wearing my dad’ big sweatshirt I picked up Cayden taking him to the living room, my dad and Rohan were knocked out asleep on the couch which looked so cute. Now where the hell does dad keep the things, I hope he has the baby bottles.

Walking out my dad’ apartment, king and Warren were already waiting outside in the car “why hasn’t uncle invited me to this place? Them fuck niggas wouldn’t even let me get close” King spat with his head out the window pointing at the security “shit looks legit for rich white folk” I laughed getting in the back “bruhhhh you got them new Js on? And a new fucking chain” King turned in his seat looking “you trying to get mobbed” Warren said laughed “shit looks crazy good” he felt the chain “it’s my dad’ but I’m borrowing it” King patted my head “nappy head ass nigga, let’s get out of here” I put the window down in the back, dad didn’t even say anything he was like ok just don’t be home late unlike mom that would have lectured about me going out.

“Where you and Amelia disappear too on Friday?” I shouted over at King, he turned the music down “I told you Marley he was eating the booty” Warren said laughing at him “what? You guys really fucking or what?” I was so interested to know because he always denies her “look, she good people I like her and we just ditched school to chill. I mean she aight but she be doing the most” Warren kept laughing at him “you said to me she just pussy but don’t say anything because Chanise will kill you” King started hitting Warren with his free hand “shut yo ass, she is there like I said!!” I was laughing at how angry King got with Warren “but forget me aight, what about Mr silent in the back why ain’t you fucking the whole school yet?” King asked turning it on me “because I’m waiting for the right one” they both groaned out “oh my god negro, ain’t no girl is right you need to test the waters out” King spat “you sound like Chanise, she want the love story and shit” he sounded so disappointed in me “nah but on the real you need to find a girl that is good, he is right Warren” they both dapped each other. We pulled up outside some house that I have never seen in my life “we just going to chill with some of the boys, they good people” King said before turning the engine off, this house looked like some run down place “for a rich kid King you hang with some real random niggas” I said getting out the car “you tryna say I act tacky?” he punched my arm “aaahhh nah I’m just saying” I held my arm, he shook his head “this is my cooling place, inside it’s dope as fuck trust me bro” he hit my arm again to follow him inside.

We went down to the basement and he was right the place looked so good, there were some random boys staring at me “Chris’ youngin” they got their hands out for me to dap them “I’m surprised little Chris is allowed to be here” they smoked their blunts and I sat on the couch on the other side “Uncle Chris don’t care what he does, we finna teach him how to be hood” the guy smiled at me with his grills on “I’m finna take his new Js though” his smiled disappeared “take them shits off” I looked at King and he was laughing his ass off “I’m playing we ain’t like that but don’t be walking around with shit like that here” he got up “We’ll go somewhere else after” Warren said sitting next to me “we’ll look after you don’t worry” he could tell I was a little taken back by some things “them elders be on some crazy shit, we just chill here and have house parties here but they real cool with Uncle Ty” he explained to me “they friends with him so nothing will pop off here” I kind of understood how they got to know these guys now.

I knew staying with my dad was the best decision ever, he was doing the most making Rohan laugh but I found it hilarious “you keep playing” my dad said to Rohan walking over to me “he’s so hyper, I swear he gets that from me” Rohan was playing with dad’ weird toys he has “I can’t believe you still have them toys” he sat on the counter across from me “What? The weird doll things? I’ve always kept them in my office but when I moved out I took them, I was like this is mine so I’m going to take it” my dad started laughing “I heard Rohan screaming last night, I was so close to getting out of bed but I heard you. What was wrong with him?” Rohan has been upset all morning, I only seen him smile and laugh now “he was like telling him that Adrian gonna come and get him, he had a bad dream probably about it” I looked at my dad in shock “you must be real mad” I could tell on his face he still wanted to kill him.

My dad has been dancing and singing around this apartment for too damn long and Rohan loved it, I felt like I had a mini concert “you not tired yet?” shouting over the music “no, I need to start anyways because I have a few dates coming up” he looked out of breath, I just laughed at him playing it off. Its cool my dad still can dance his ass off and know all his dance moves to his songs. The tune for Forever came on “come one Rohan, don’t be tired on me now” Rohan was laid out on the floor “It’s you and me, moving at the speed of light” my dad sang picking him off the floor making him stand “I can do it” Rohan said trying to copy my dad’ moves.

The buzzer on my dad’ apartment went off, I looked at my dad but he didn’t hear it so I jumped off the counter walking over to the intercom. Looking at the image it’s my mom so I let her in; she took her time to come here. Holding the door open for her as the elevator pinged, all you could hear is her heels hit the floor, her walk sounded mad “please don’t argue” I said to myself before her face appeared from the corner “hey mom” I smiled an uneasy smile “is he having a party in there?” I shook my head “he’s just dancing with Rohan” oh god she is not happy at all, poor dad.

Rohan’ lazy ass had enough and fell to the ground “you lazy little nigga” I picked him up again from his arms, lifting him up to my face so I could nuzzle him “dad!” he squealed and then from the corner of my eye I saw Robyn, I felt like a naughty school boy, I put Rohan down turning the music off “mommy!!” Rohan screamed running towards her “hey baby, how about you go with Chanise while I talk to your father” Chanise gave me a faint smile, I was more mad why she had to open the door for her she looks mad as hell right now. The silence between us as we waited till the bedroom door shut, Robyn stared at me as I looked everywhere else besides her. The door shut and that was it “you took the kids you motherfucker” she spat, biting my lip frowning at her “are you high still? We was supposed to come here together but you decided to get drunk and high” she stormed over to me “I am not fucking drunk, you took the kids and I didn’t know” I stepped back from her “why you hating me now? What the fuck have I done?” her eyes near fell out “ruined my life yes” she sounds like her mother now “now I’ve ruined your life, are you sure you ain’t bipolar? I have my medication but I think you need it” she raised her hand wanting to hit me but froze “I can’t stand you Chris, I honestly just really hate you” I crossed my arms just listening.

She threw her arms in the air “I’ll see you next week; I’m going Barbados” my mouth fell open “Barbados!? With fucking who!!” I screamed out “my family” am I going deaf or something “you said you wanted me, can’t we just fucking move on” I can’t believe this shit at all “move on from all your cheating? Christopher life will not be easy for you, stop thinking it will be just because I allowed you to stick your dick in every pussy you could find does not mean I will make your life easy now. You fucking want me you will shut the fuck up and let me do what I want; you fucking sit at home and look after the kids and see how I felt when you did nothing but leave me!! See how it feels when all the kids ask for is where is dad? What is dad doing but mommy did not know where daddy was because he is in another fucking country fucking another bitch” I rubbed my neck putting my head down “yes feel ashamed Chris, because you know what if it wasn’t for them kids that adore you too much I would have left you a very long time ago, you can’t have loved me if you did all of that. Living the high life while married to the girl every motherfucker wanted, stupid is me yes I agree to that because I am stupid” she took in a deep breath “my family have left ok? That is it but I’m going to Barbados, my mom loves me just not you so she can accept me being in the house” I didn’t lift my head up at all “now I want you to get the house fucking fixed up, renovate it do what you like but make sure that place is back to normal and I want your shit back in there so we can all be happy for once” I looked up at her “I want change when I comeback, be a fucking husband” she threw the keys to the house on the floor walking off leaving me speechless.

I picked up the keys running after her “wait” I shouted running towards the elevator placing my hand in-between the doors before they shut “what?” her arms crossed just waiting for me to talk “you probably don’t want to hear me say sorry so I will skip that part but I’ll have the house ready for you, I’ll change seriously” she sighed “don’t worry about me I just need a break yes? I’ll be back next week and things will be back to normal” I nodded stepping on the elevator “you need to listen to me Christopher, you need to make me feel like your wife you know this already so I’m not going to say it again” I pressed the ground floor on the elevator “I told you Robyn, I’m going to show you how much you mean to me but I beg you to stop throwing the past in my face. I want to move on too” she placed her hand on my cheek “we going to change, both of us. A new start when I come back” I nodded “yeah” the elevator pinged letting us know it’s on the floor we chose “don’t ever stop making me feel like a queen even when we get to normal, you stopped that a very long time ago and it hurts” she started walking out the elevator and I followed her out “I promise” she stopped turning around “I believe you, that pinkie promise remember? You doing well now, I’m sorry I got angry up there ok” I was nervous as hell but I gave her a hug “give the kids a hug from me please I can’t say bye to them” kissing her cheek “I will, next week yes?” she nodded “see you soon” she said before walking off and I just watched on.


Amen to both of those last post cause child. — Anonymous


I understand chris fucked up, WE ALL KNOW THAT but it don't make it no better having everybody else in your business. Her fam needs to realize that she has her own family now, & that if she's making a mistake she needs to make it on her own. They wanna stay in her house but disrespecting it. Not cool! I don't see it for Robyn & Chris anymore, relationship wise. — Anonymous


You update today in my Rohan voice. — Anonymous

Yes now

We know Chris cheated we know he did that we know he wasn't there for Rohan we already got this but Robyn always crying and shit hell their single mothers with 5 kids no baby daddy or family and they still manage to keep they shit and order stop trying say she weak she make her self like that hell he trying like she don't have to be with Chris it's called co parent. — Anonymous
That whole chanise and want to stay with her dad is so different please don't attack me for saying this but chris openly said he hated being alone he didn't tell chanise choose me over your mother he basically said it was lonely on his end being that Robyn kicked her family out chanise should stay with her more please at the end Chris can't have nothing cause his mistakes plus his mommy dying he really ain't going have no one. — Anonymous
Chris cheated on her when she was first pregnant, when she got pregnant again, didn't even want to claim Rohan, and he got another girl pregnant. In a relationship, u can lie or do anything, but once you cheat its a whole other level. they have both done wrong things, but Robyn has not once cheated or even talked to another man other than Adrian. their love is strong, but eventually she will break and leave for good. she thinks of her kids first, but chris doesn't. he thinks for himself. cmon cb — Anonymous



out Sept. 16!



out Sept. 16!


But she keep going back like a said she make her self a victim if that's the case don't make it seem like she don't go running back. — Anonymous

So you think she making herself victim because she keeps going back??