I say that Robyn and the kids all be running out the hospital chasing after Chris to tell him to stop, Chris stops turns around. They're stood in the middle of the road and the whole family gets knocked over and dies. The End. (Good job they are already at the hospital then they could get immediate medical attention. Although they do end up dead) — Anonymous

Alrighty then…………….

Who's going to look after the baby's while Robyn is depressed she so t be in the mood — pammy20stuff

Oh … I have a plan for that ;)

I love your fanfic 😘 — pammy20stuff

Thank you 

I just want to know will chris, Robyn and the kids get through this??? Will everything be atleast alright. I know it can't b perfect but can they All accept it and help each other get through this and still LOVE each other?? Because we all know through all that Chris and rih have been through , at the end of the day everything is ok. Will it atleast b ok, and Chris doesn't hAte her . I know he's hurt but they BOTH need each other to get through this??? — Anonymous

At the end of the day everything will get better

Mmm ok.. I heard that doctors can help people who have cerebral palsy with (Oxygen ROM) so can you please help that baby after you mess with his parants a little bet?! 😂 lol sorry but please let us have a happy end to that family please girl!! It's a FF c'mon tho!! You can play with our emotions for a little but make everything right at the end! (the Oxygen thing is 100% true) you can search it online! Plz baby think about it — Anonymous

LOL Just wait and see 

Can you please please please try and update it befor the weekend!! Plzz girl 🙏🙏 — Anonymous

I honestly would but work just be getting in the way 

Listen the way you write ur stories its so powerful having me late for work thinking bout this poor baby all week and wtf gon happen rih is just gna be in a very dark place she a mum and she gna blame her self nd without the support of her husband lord Jesus she just gna sink to the pits of hell you cold for this blow but be4 light comes darkness just gna make them stronger I shall wait nd read what this new chapter shall bring — Anonymous

WOW!! I love this comment! Thank you so much and Robyn will be depressed 

That's crazy to give your baby up cause of its disability Robyn not going do that. — Anonymous

Exactly.. I just be reading the comments like 

Excuse me anon who thinks they should give there baby away because they hv a disability obviously your question was not serious please don't speak again if u gna make bullshit comments like that they gon get thru dis ff or not he u like it if ur Mumma give u away if she new u would chat shit and ur opinion would be dumb????????FOH — Anonymous


So Rih didn't take care of herself during her pregnancy? — Anonymous

Pretty much yes