Whereeeee are u !!!! — chriannaalwaysandforever

I was on holiday 

Hope you enjoying your vacation babe.. We miss you 😭💋💋 — Anonymous

Thanks :) I’m back now 

I'm reading the old chapters and the new chapters. Wow so if Robyn never would of had that abortion and had those two miscarriages they would of had like 8 kids. Lol Chris wasn't playing any games with impregnating her — Anonymous

LMFAOOOOO all I can say is poor Robyn… Chris still wants more kids but because of the twins he quiet now 

I would love to see all of the kids cling to Robyn for once with the petty asses lol but I love how Rohan and Cayden are with so it would be cool to see it from the other siblings. Anyway I loved this chapter — Anonymous

LOL Petty asses?

y kaystopher:




people over here claiming chris is annoyed cause people are sending him chrianna pics yet he posted that ass grabbing pic and is opening like every single pic sent to him where he is grabbing rih's butt as if he wants to confirm that thats who he meant lol he cute — Anonymous



Well the thing is when chris is annoyed he seems to voice it. If a certain amount of people start to “annoy” him he tends to just send out subs. Almost all of chrianna sent that picture he prolly woulda been like “Please leave me alone”Lol at some point if he was seriously annoyed.He prolly just shook his head and chuckled and went about his day.


Everybody else is a daddy girl or boy but Only cayden is a mommy boy all the other kids cling to chris. — dompie14

Lmfaoo true but I think Rohan is fair he loves them both equally

Please this killing my soul I don't even wanna admit it why Mumma got to die do whyyyy tell me whyyyy I'm begging on my hands and knees don't end Mumma please coz chris lord help him please Robyn just wonderful right now she know her husband I kno I'm gna cry me some serious thug tears be so deep in my feelings I'm gna hv to go bed for 3days and mourn my dammmm loss😔 — Anonymous

I’m sorry :(

omg how dare Chris say that about Robyns mum!!?? SMH!! If I was Robyn I would've been mad af! — pammy20stuff

She let it go because he’s upset that’s why

you made me cry tears sea deep :((( i really hope she won’t die