yo can i move in with the browns? look at that beautiful house! — Anonymous

LOl they have enough space so of course you can 

when are you updating next? dis chapter was soooo good — Anonymous

Thank you and Sunday night I hope 

coz we all have saw how Chris has love for her :/ so its really sick to see she bein like this to her father :( — Anonymous

Exactly he is so hurt, think about how much he did for her and also it was his first born

can we get a pic of King? is he Chanise's best friend? — Anonymous

This is gonna be hard lol I’ll try and yes he is

Hey Hun. Will there be an update today? — Anonymous

I’ve been working the weekend shift so I’m hoping Sunday night to add cause I finish early on Sunday 

Someone asked to know what their house looked like well here y’all go


What does they house look like? — Anonymous

I’ll post pics later 

I loved the update. All if the kids look like siblings and Chris and Rih's real children. Chanise is too spoiled and needs to make it up to her dad. — shammy78

True she does but I don’t think he is going to talk to her about anything. Thank you :)

I understand why she doesn't wanna have female friends but at least, Amelia is worthy.. I'm glad Amelia clocked her. It shows that she's not phased by her status. Chanise is so grouchy for no reason. Get off them salts and apologize to your father.. Ole rude ass. I gasped when Chris gave Marley $100 like it's nothing.. I was like, CHRIS YOU GOT MONEEEEEEY. Lol amazing chapter as usual. Looking forward to the next. — thatloudnavy

forhfoiurhfiuerhierhiof LMFAOOOOO I laughed so loud at that 

he got moneeeeeeyyyyy

I wanna say good for Chris because he's the reason why she's the way she is (cause when she was young and it was time for him to correct her, he thought her behavior was funny and cute) but that would be wrong. Chanise took it to far.. Wilin 'cause he held her arm. That's how you know she don't get ass whoopings at home. Why she had to bring up '09? Smh. I wanna know what she meant by "I told you" to Chyna. — thatloudnavy

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Glad you pointed it out, he let her off a lot but she was his first born so of course she is going to get spoilt. Chris’ love for her is a lot so she has hurt him a lot.