Lol it must be nice to have Chris and Rih as parents — Anonymous

OMG!! Can you imagine it

I think they should date again. Do all the cute things they used to do before they had kids. And then they should renew their vows!!! — Anonymous


They all need therapy after that lord! Joyce was wrong what she said and I wish they would divorce cuz the way rih feelings set up she the bi-polar one — Anonymous


Ok so why is Chanise being a little rebel all of a sudden? I feel for her tho, it must not be easy to witness all of that and not say a word. That family has been through A LOTTTTTTTT but i love that they always come out stronger. Rohan is my fave!!! He is just too cute. I wanna adopt him or steal him. He is just adorable and too cute for words! Please let momma j live and be ok :( — jooleeuhdoesntexist
Lots of chris and robyn alone time and them going to the studio together would be really nice! they'd be there like they were when they were young — Anonymous
I think chris and Robyn need to have a chapter where they make love u never wrote one the sex is always intense and wild he really needs to show her that he wants her and only her — Anonymous
In the next chapter i want chris to do something special for every family member/friend that he's recently fucked over or upset. — wecanfloatintheclouds

Lmfaooo that’s everyone then

Chris and Robyn don't need no more kids the three eldest ones are jealous of their sister and brother,chanise want attention from chris aww daddy girl Rohan want attention from his dad Marley want attention from their dad they just love their daddy Chris need to take them out just the kids take them to the amusement park something sit in the living room as a family. — dompie14

I agree

Girl ..I fuckin love eveything you writie ..but I really missing the happy "family" moments we used to read... I miss Chris and Robyn ((the lovers who can't get enough from each other)) and I really really wanna see cute moment between Robyn and the twin like more than just two mins ..I know I'm sounding like I'm so annoying but believe me ..I'm a fan since you 4th chapter from the part 1... So I just wanna know if you can make them moments happen again!! Love you & I hope you add SOoooON 😁💋 — Anonymous

Promise you the next chapter there will be lots of cute moments

U saidTH I couldn't afford TMT tickets like I'm some karuchi miss girl LISSEN ! — kissesbabydoll

JDJXJSJJXHDIXJDJJXJDUDJJD I did not know that upset you sis :( sorry queen